Sensei Karen


As an active member of the Roaring Fork Community, Karen is committed to transforming members and building warriors on and off the mat. With her unique background she is capable of integrating martial arts, fitness and competitive athletics into her programs. Deescalation is essential and in martial arts training must be partnered with a mastery of striking, takedown and submission techniques.

Her leadership program, Rise Above, forges leaders through innovative programming. Curriculum focuses on communication, perseverance, social agility, and innovation. Karen’s vision is to challenge all members to master their personal self-awareness and make a positive impact in the community and beyond.

  • Division 1 Collegiate athlete
  • Masters Degree Exercise Physiology
  • 5th Degree Black Belt Cuong Nhu
  • Self Defense Expert
  • Sports Conditioning Trainer
  • Boxing Team San Diego
  • Coach to Executive Teams
  • Manage high performing teams in biotech & healthcare industries
  • Director of company wide coaching platforms and novel leadership training
  • Certified Birkman Method- behavioral and personality assessment
  • Student of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kenjutsu, Aikido, Yoga and Aerial Silks
  • Leadership consultant in pharmacuetical, education, healthcare, rehabilitation industries