Martial Arts


Karen Bradshaw brings a unique background to the mat that results in a challenging class with new skills every workout. After years of boxing training in San Diego, she focuses on traditional boxing technique and evasive agility for strength and self protection. Combine boxing with 20 years of martial art training in striking, weapons, kata, mat work and sparring and you will learn how to push your body and mind to handle any situation.

As a former trainer and expert in exercise physiology, she strives to make every session the best workout of your week with core development, posture alignment and conditioning. Learn old traditions of the East along with modern science of the West. Flexibility, endurance, strength and inner power. Train hard with an open mind and martial arts excellence with confidence in self defense will follow.

Martial arts has transformed over the last 20 years. Rising Crane's traditional programs led by Karen reflect that dynamic integration of styles and techniques. She focuses on sound body mechanics and fitness first before diving deeper into tactical skills including joint locks, weapons, escaping and takedowns. Mental fortitude, footwork and balance are the stepping stones to effective self defense and awareness.

Each class includes a warm up, review then key practice for the day. Focused breathing and meditation start and end each class. Strength, flexibility and partner work integrated each session.